the U.S. is counting on

a long-term abundance of oil & natural gas

But what if the boom is just a bubble?

Latest Update

How Long Will the Shale Revolution Last?: Technology versus Geology and the Lifecycle of Shale Plays provides a realistic assessment of future production in the the top ten tight oil and shale gas plays in the United States. Prepared by geoscientist J.┬áDavid Hughes, the report utilizes the latest available data from both industry and government sources to quantify the impact of recent technological advances. It is the newest and most extensive of Hughes’s highly regarded independent analyses of U.S. shale production.

The ten plays reviewed in this report represent 93% of U.S. shale gas and tight oil production. Analysis highlights:

    • Plays are evaluated in terms of type of energy produced, production and injection volumes per foot of horizontal lateral, and length of laterals.
    • Play maturity is assessed through production trends, drilling rates, and remaining drilling locations.
    • Geological variability is examined at the county level to assess the impacts on production of well-spacing and reservoir properties.
    • Environmental impacts are assessed in terms of the rate of well drilling and the water and proppant volumes required for each well, along with collateral impacts.


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